Mark Rowney
​A brief history

I was born in Middlesbrough in 1962. Brought up on a
'Ranch' in my beloved Weardale, Co. Durham. I studied
at Maidstone, Kent and St.Martins in London. After 
several years working as an illustrator for a varied
assortment of Newpapers and publishers in London and NewYork I started to work and develop my skills with leather.
During this time I began producing accessories and objet d'art for Paul Smith on 5th Avenue. I also started working as a designer for a soft furnishings company, spending time in India as an embroidary designer.
After many years abroad, I returned to the family farm in the hills of the Durham Dales where I persue my love of nature and the Art of leather carving and sculpture. Most importantly I married the love of my life, Mary in 2012 ... my greatest supporter.
I have exhibited both leather work and paintings across Britain. My work is collected at home and internationally.
I spend my days producing work that is inspired by the creatures, trees and meadows that surround me.

'To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower'
William Blake

'' My influences are the Bees that sting me, the midges that bite me and the birds that sing so sweetly''

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